Meet the team

Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales

Our Philosophy

Core Belief

Work should be a place where individuals can be themselves and contribute their creativity to their daily tasks and the ongoing growth and development of the business. Employees are encouraged to develop creative projects based on their skills and interests - these projects have ranged from curating our youth art wall to installing complex thematic window displays to organizing a youth blog. We believe that when you can bring your passion to work, you are happier, more fulfilled, and more productive.



By partnering with nonprofits and schools, we are able to provide internships and job opportunities for youth that are paid or earn school credit. We select partners based on mission alignment, programmatic structure, and support systems.


We believe in the value of a strong community and supportive team environment. To encourage high morale, our Sunshine Committee is responsible for creating activities to celebrate staff including holiday theme parties, catered family meals, employee discounts, customized employee gifts, paid time off, financial bonuses, and more.