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Helping with Every Helping

At Sweet Generation, we create beautifully crafted and delicious cupcakes and cookies with optional customization to feature your logo or special message. But Sweet Generation is more than just a bakery - we are generating funds to increase access to Arts Education for children. A portion of every sale is donated to Arts Education - so you are literally Helping With Every Helping!

So why are we donating a portion of the proceeds to Arts Education programs? It's simple, really.

Arts Education is a powerful tool in raising academic achievement, preventing youth violence, school retention, developing effective leaders, and so much more. Yet the Arts are the first thing to come under the knife in economic hardship. School and Arts organizations often run bake sales to raise money to keep the Arts in their community and schools, but returns are no where near sufficient.  Arts Education is grossly underfunded. So we created Sweet Generation to help Arts organizations, schools and community members increase the funding potential of their community-based fundraising - it's a 21st century bakesale, on steroids!  Join us in Helping with Every Helping! 
Help us open a storefront with our newest campaign!
October 13, 2014

We know you've all been wondering when Sweet Generation would open a storefront, and we are excited to announce a campaign to help us do just that! With donations from YOU via  our Indiegogo page , we hope to open a retail store where we can bake, sell and build community around youth and the Arts.

Are You Tough Enough To #BakeLikeAGirl?
August 04, 2014
This summer, the Cypress Hills LDC Summer Youth Employee girls are using the #LikeAGirl hashtag to create a spin-off campaign using the hashtag #BakeLikeAGirl, to show how baking, and being a woman entrepreneur and business owner, is badass. #BakeLikeAGirl means that we actively defy probability and expectations in a world where despite progress, men continue to outweigh women in professional environments.

Sweet Generation partners with the Summer Youth Employment Program!
July 15, 2014

Sweet Generation is starting off their first summer with The Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) with a kick of flavor. SYEP provides New York City youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with paid summer employment for up to six weeks in July and August. SYEP in partnership with Cypress Hills Local Development Corporation and Sweet Generation also provide workshops on job readiness, career exploration, financial literacy and opportunities to continue education and social growth.

Monster Cupcakes at the Children's Museum of the Arts
May 25, 2014

Sweet Generation is pleased to announce an incredible new partnership New York City’s own Children’s Museum of the Arts.